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Why Choose Us?

Everyone today is trying to gain market share by making strong statements. The Internet is full of websites selling pre-owned Rolex watches claiming that they are the "number one source for Rolex watches", which is funny because we always thought that Rolex is the number one source for Rolex watches. There are multiple websites selling Rolex dials; again, some of them claim to be number one in Rolex dial refinishing.

We do not claim to be the largest dial restoration service (see how we do it) in the world nor do we claim to be the cheapest one. However, we can guarantee that the quality of our products is just as good as Rolex SA.

Let us illustrate what we mean by showing you this picture.

The Difference in Rolex Diamon Dials

The dial on the left is an authentic Rolex Datejust dial. The dial on the right is the same dial after it has been refinished in blue and with added diamonds. In the middle picture, you see the results of the same job but performed by our competition. We hope you can see the difference; in case you do not, allow us to offer this explanation.

First of all note the color of the paint. Rolex dials are shiny; there is no discoloration on them of any kind. Looking at the dial in the middle picture, it is hard to tell what color it is supposed to be: it is an in-between color, neither silver nor cream.

Secondly, there is a problem with how the words "ROLEX" and "DATEJUST" look. They remotely remind us of what they should look like on an authentic Rolex. Remember, the watch dial is the most visible part of your watch. If your dial looks fake, your whole watch will seem unauthentic. We have spent a long time developing our dial stamps to make them look like original Rolexes, and we are proud to say that our dials look no different than authentic Rolex dials.

Rolex Dial Stamp

The Third problem in the middle picture is the absence of the "SWISS MADE" stamp on the bottom. Rolex dials always have it. The stamp may say "T-SWISS MADE-T" or "SWISS MADE", but these words are always present on the bottom of an authentic Rolex dial.

Diamonds On Rolex Dials

We use only authentic Rolex dials for refinishing. We learned a long time ago that only genuine Rolex parts are compatible with authentic Rolex watches. Additionally, we use only natural diamonds, sorted and selected especially for your Rolex watch. Can our competition claim the same? We highly doubt it, but we invite you to be the judge by purchasing one of our custom Rolex dials to see the difference.

We are not a Wal-Mart of pre-owned Rolex watches. We give our undivided personal attention to every watch.

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