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Watch Geniune Diamond Inlays: Custom Diamond Bezels and Dials

Rolex Diamond Bezels and Dials

Since watches were invented, watch owners have been seeking ways to personalize their watches. Of course, the same applies to owners of luxury watches. Rolex customization is a common and highly desired extravagance. In fact, just about anything on a Rolex can be customized—from the dial and bezel to the bracelet and even the case. Whether it is adding diamonds, changing dial color, or attaching custom bracelets, the options are limitless!

diamon dial rolex president



Dial customization generally indicates diamonds are added to each hour marker. The old "stick" markers are removed, holes are drilled, and diamonds are carefully inserted onto the dial. If desired, the color of the dial can also be altered at this time to make your watch even more unique.

The addition of a diamond bezel is another popular Rolex customization option. A row of clear cut diamonds is delicately placed side by side and eventually circle the entire bezel. The original bezel remains intact and is removed while the newly made bezel is installed in its place.

Diamonds can also be added directly to the watchcase. The process includes drilling small holes, filling them with gold, and attaching the diamonds. The holes are made on the surface and are not drilled through the watchcase. This process will not diminish the water resistant properties of your Rolex.


rolex lady-datejust diamond bezel

rolex lady-datejust president gold diamond lugs

Regardless of customization option, let’s make it personal. Your Rolex deserves to be truly yours!

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