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Service Package 6


This package includes:  

This service is ONLY for the Rolex® Submariner and GMT Master Series watches. The bezel on these styles of watch is particularly fragile and needs special care during maintenance. Don’t try to install a new bezel on your own, and beware of taking them to most specialists—you should make sure that the “expert” you’re working with understands the complexities of these particular models. We know how to safely take care of these watches during maintenance and bezel replacement. If you own a Submariner or GMT Master Series watch, this is the correct service package for you!

Recommended Optional Services:

image7.jpgComplete Watch Movement Overhaul

In this process, we focus on the watch’s movement. The movement is taken apart so all individual parts can be inspected. If necessary, damaged parts will be replaced (note that this is very rare in high-end watches). Each part is then cleaned and lubricated. Finally, we reassemble the movement, test for accuracy, and adjust to the correct timing.



Custom Dial Restoration

We can completely restore the look of your watch while maintaining authenticity and originality. Please note: we do not work on your original dial in this process. The original is returned to you with your watch. We will make changes to an authentic Rolex® dial made for your watch’s model and replace your old dial with the restored one. That way, you can keep your original dial should you ever want to reinstall it. Here’s what we can do:

  • Diamond additions: We can add genuine diamonds to the watch’s dial. We only use genuine diamonds for this work.
  • Paint color restoration: If you want your watch to keep it’s look, we can restore your paint color to the replacement dial. Your watch will look like it did when you first bought it!
  • Paint color change: If you would like a different color for your dial, we can do that too! Remember, you will go home with your old dial as well, so you will always have the option to return to your original color and look.  

image5.jpgComplete Watch Polishing

In this process, we focus on the exterior parts of the watch. The bracelet, its parts, and the case are individually polished to make them look brand new. We then reassemble the watch and do a thorough test of water and moisture resistance before declaring it fully polished and protected.



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