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In this process, we focus on the watch’s movement. The movement is taken apart so all individual parts can be inspected. If necessary, damaged parts will be replaced (note that this is very rare in high-end watches). Each part is then cleaned and lubricated. Finally, we reassemble the movement, test for accuracy, and adjust to the correct timing.


In this process, we focus on the exterior parts of the watch. The bracelet, its parts, and the case are individually polished to make them look brand new. We then reassemble the watch and do a thorough test of water and moisture resistance before declaring it fully polished and protected.

Read more about professional watch polishing service here.

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Service Item_New Sapphire Crystal.jpg


There’s no point in cleaning and restoring a watch only to send it home with the old, scratched crystal. To complete the repairs on your watch, we have to replace the crystal (the replacement crystal, if needed, has to be purchased separately). Our crystals are not manufactured by Rolex®, but they will give your watch a completely new—and a completely repaired—look.


We will replace the gaskets in your watch to make sure it is still protected from dust, water, dirt, oils, and more. This will help to keep your watch in good condition while it’s between services.

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Service Item_Dial Restoration.jpg


  • We can completely restore the look of your watch while maintaining authenticity and originality. Please note: we do not work on your original dial in this process. The original is returned to you with your watch. We will make changes to an authentic Rolex® dial made for your watch’s model and replace your old dial with the restored one. That way, you can keep your original dial should you ever want to reinstall it.

  • Custom Diamond Bezel

  • We will add a sparkling new diamond bezel of your choice to the watch. You will not lose your original bezel, as it will be replaced by the new one and then returned to you with your watch should you ever wish to return the watch to its original style. You can review our selection of diamond bezels here.

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