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Service Package 1

Rolex MovementComplete Watch Movement Overhaul & Repair

This part of the process focuses on the movement of the watch. All parts necessary for movement are disassembled into individual components that undergo detailed inspection. Each component will be properly cleaned and lubricated. If damaged parts are found, they will be replaced. The movement of the watch is then reassembled, tested for accuracy, and adjusted to the correct timing.


Rolex Dial RestorationCustom Dial Restoration

WatchStyler offers a wide variety of ways to customize your dial while maintaining the authenticity of your original watch. We do not work on your original dial in this process. Instead, we customize another authentic Rolex dial made specifically for the model of your watch. The original dial is returned to you with your watch should you ever decide to reinstall the original dial.

Services Provided:

  • Diamond additions: Genuine diamonds are added to the dials on your watch face.
  • Paint color restoration: If you like the look of your current watch, but just don’t like its’ faded color, we can restore the same look to your replacement dial.
  • Paint color change: If you prefer a different color for your dial, we can change the paint to your preferred color.


Professional Watch PolishingComplete Watch Polishing


During the watch polishing process, we focus on the exterior parts of the watch that are more prone to collecting dust and grime. Each section of the bracelet and the watch case are meticulously cleaned and polished to make your watch look brand new. Finally, we perform a water and moisture resistance test before declaring it fully polished and protected.

Read more about professional watch polishing service HERE


New Sapphire Crystal for RolexNew Sapphire Crystal

Every watch owner knows that the most easily scratched component of the watch is the crystal. With our maintenance we will provide a brand new sapphire crystal to make your newly cleaned and restored watch look like it did the first day you bought it (the replacement crystal, if needed, has to be purchased separately).


image3.jpgReplacement Watch Gaskets


Gaskets protect the watch from dust, water, dirt, and more. During our servicing, we will replace the gaskets in your watch to make sure it remains protected from the elements. This also keeps your watch in good condition when it’s between services.



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