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Rolex Watch Repair

Rolex Movement RepairRolex has become the industry standard when it comes to high-end, luxurious watches. The quality and durability of the Rolex watches is undeniable; however, like any other watch, they are still susceptible to damage. Unfortunately, accidents happen all too often in life—even to top-of-the-line watches.

External damage to the watch is most common. Breaks or cracks begin to appear if the watch is dropped one too many times. What is less obvious is the effect of accidental drops on the internal watch mechanism. Often times, external injury to the watch can shift gears or cause bumps to arise in the inner workings of the watch. Over time it will become glaringly obvious as the performance of your Rolex is affected.

Local Rolex repair shops cost thousands of dollars that may sometimes offset the initial investment spent to purchase the watch. WatchStyler provides professional repair service on different watch parts at a fraction of the cost of a traditional Rolex watch repair shop. We ensure that your watch retains its value and functions properly despite any damage it may have weathered throughout the years. Our technicians can guarantee you will receive only the highest quality of professional repair services in a time efficient manner.


Mechanism Repair

Cosmetic damage is the most common type of damage, but when mechanical damage occurs, it can affect the functionality of the Rolex itself. For example, water damage can cause parts within the watch mechanism to slow down. When dropped multiple times or from high altitudes, parts within the watch can shift and stop moving. If after replacing the battery you notice that the watch is not keeping time as it should, the internal watch mechanism is most likely damaged and in need of professional repair services.


Bracelet Repair

Rolex watches are not only known for their beautiful watch faces, but for their sturdy, high quality bracelets as well. Though Rolex watches are made from expensive materials, they are not unaffected by damage caused by accidents that result in denting or loss of screws. In some instances, clips can become jammed and may detach from the main mechanism. If this happens, professional repair service is required to restore proper function to the bracelet.


Watch Hand Repair

If the hands of the watch cease to move, it may be indicative of a larger mechanical problem taking place within the gears of the watch. Though this is not as common, the hand itself may come loose and break off. WatchStyler provides replacement parts accompanied with professional repair work that will ensure that your watch continues working in the way that it should.

Whether the problem is big or small, cosmetic or mechanical, trust the experienced specialists at WatchStyler that always provide professional repair services for your Rolex at reasonable prices. With our incredibly fast turnover times and polished repair work, your watch will be fully functioning and by your side again in no time.

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