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How to polish your watch


The purpose of watch polishing is to restore the original appearance of the watch. What may seem surprising is the fact that this type of restoration cannot be achieved through buffing with a cloth, chemicals, or even handheld rotary tools alone. This type of work can only be done by implementing a century-old technique that requires the use of big polishing machines.


Professional watch polishing begins with the complete disassembly of the watch. Each component of the watch—watch case, bracelet, bezel, clasp, end-pieces - is polished separately through an intricate process. Modern Rolex watches contain at least two different types of finishes (matte and high gloss) and each individual type of finish must be polished using different tools and techniques.


The first step of the polishing process removes all nicks and dents from the watch parts. Although some dents are deep and irremovable, they can still be restored. These types of dents are repaired when they are filled with gold and later filed smooth, making the dents invisible. This is a perfect time to fix the band, and adjust its clasp.


In the second step, a high gloss polish is completed on each watch part. This leaves a mirror-like finish that spans the entire watch. This is a very important step in watch polishing, because a high-gloss finish allows us to see even the tiniest imperfections on your watch. After this step we clean all the pieces on ultrasonic machine and inspect everything one more time. 


The final step of the polishing process is the matte finish. Different polishing wheels and polishing compounds are used to bring even a vintage watch to a “like new” condition. We mask off any part that we want to remain with high-gloss finish and polish the rest. After this step we clean all the pats in our ultrasonic machine. and dry everything throughly.

The polishing process is complete after the assembly of the watch by a professional watchmaker. Movement regulation and waterproofing are also tested.

As you can see, this process is not the same as "polishing" you watch with any type of cloth. It is also not something your local jeweler can do - it requires a specialized machinery. But it is also NOT something you can do on a regular basis, because it doe take some metal off you watch. We suggest doing it only when you goal is to refurbish your Rolex watch completely and give it a new life.

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