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Rolex Watch Overhaul

rolex-watch-overhaul.jpgA Rolex watch is not only an investment, but a practical part of an owner's everyday life and a symbol of success. As with any such valuable possession, it's important to maintain these watches so that they remain in near-perfect, working condition for decades to come. With the proper care, your Rolex can last a lifetime and become a coveted vintage piece or family heirloom.

How to keep your Rolex looking and running like new

In order to preserve your timepiece, you must have it properly serviced periodically – about once every 3 years. This entails some fundamental repairs and diagnostics in order to ensure that your Rolex is keeping time accurately and that all of its myriad parts, including the movement, are in tip-top shape. If your watch is not functioning, an overhaul is likely needed.

Here are the basics of what a Rolex watch overhaul entails:

  • Disassembly.  First, our expert technicians will carefully deconstruct your Rolex in order to view each component part. We at WatchStyler have years of experience with every model of Rolex imaginable, so you can be sure that your timepiece is in good hands, no matter when it was purchased or what model number it is.
  • Diagnostics. We will examine the inner workings of your watch, particularly the movement, to ensure that each piece is working properly.
  • Repairs. If anything is amiss, our technicians will repair or replace the parts so that your watch can function properly.
  • Lubrication. One of the most common reasons that watches either gain or lose time, or present other difficulties for the wearer, is that they dry out. During the Rolex overhaul process, we will lubricate the movement and all other necessary components to ensure that your watch's function is restored.
  • Reconfiguration. Finally, we rebuild your Rolex from the ground up, ensuring along the way that each piece is positioned precisely. After all is said and done, your Rolex should be as untouched as the day you purchased it.

Choose WatchStyler for your Rolex Overhaul

At WatchStyler, we offer Rolex overhauls that will keep your watch ticking. While owners do have other options, namely sending it to Rolex or having it repaired locally, choosing an independent but expert Rolex watch repair company like WatchStyler is by far the best. Here's why:

  • Lower cost. An overhaul from Rolex can cost as much as $1,200 – and in some cases, nearly as much as you might have paid for the watch itself. While local dealers may claim to offer these services for as low as $200, you may find additional fees for repairs hidden in your bill when you return to the shop. WatchStyler provides this service for $350, and if we need to change the price for any reason, we'll inform you up front so you can make the right decision for your budget.
  • Fast turnaround. If you choose to send your watch to Rolex or a local dealer for an overhaul, you may be waiting for a long time. A typical restoration from the brand itself can be as much as six months due to the sheer volume of watches they receive. If you, like so many Rolex owners, can't bear to part with your watch for half a year, WatchStyler is here to help. Our typical turnaround on an overhaul is four days, and our longest-ever lead time is two weeks.
  • One-year warranty. WatchStyler guarantees all of our overhauls for one year, as well as basic troubleshooting during this period. So, if anything does go wrong during the next 12 months, we are more than happy to assist you or perform additional repairs free of charge.

When you choose WatchStyler for your Rolex overhaul, you can be sure you're getting the best value and service for your prized timepiece. To find out more about our services, contact us today through our online form!

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