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Rolex Watch Customization

rolex-watch-customization.jpgRolex watches are inherently unique and special designs that need little enhancement to make them stand out. The Rolex name alone lends an element of status to any watch that bears it, but while you may have purchased a Rolex for its reputation of quality and durability, the look of the watch may not be an exact reflection of your own personal tastes as time passes.

At WatchStyler, we offer a wide array of aftermarket parts that you can choose from to give your watch an infusion of personality. Whether there simply aren't enough diamonds on your bezel or you are having second thoughts on the shade of your dial, our parts can help you customize your Rolex without having to invest in a new model altogether. And while these pieces are replacements for the original parts, they are still made using the same, high-quality materials you'd get from the retailer but sold at only a fraction of the price.

Bezel Installation

We offer a wide array of bezels for men and women's Rolex watches that can match or replace even a custom design for a piece that has been damaged. Despite only costing a fraction of the price that comparable pieces and their installation would cost you from Rolex, these pieces feature authentic precious stones placed in platinum, silver or gold at any karat you desire.

We will make sure that these parts are installed with the care and precision you would expect from the most skilled watchmakers. As well, our bezels are constructed to last as long - or longer, in the case of a broken piece - as we follow Rolex's same quality standards.

Dial Installation

Because the dial primarily dictates the look of your piece, a break in this part will be especially devastating. Like our collection of bezels, our dials come in designs for both genders so you can be sure that your new installation will maintain the look you have come to enjoy in your watch. You can even look at a break as an opportunity to enhance the style of your piece by exploring a new dial design that updates the look of your Rolex.

Bracelet Replacement

Did a link fall off of your presidential Rolex bracelet, or is the entire band simply not cutting it anymore? Our selection of Rolex bracelets come in an array of materials for both genders, allowing you to attach your mechanism to a new strap altogether if you want your watch to take on an entirely new look. We have diamond studded models in yellow and white gold, along with plain, sleek presidential designs. Even if you've just damage a single link on your watch, you'll be sure to find a replacement on our website.

We also offer men's and women's leather straps if wear and tear have destroyed the band on your vintage Rolex, restoring it to like-new condition.

Purchasing a Rolex is an investment to begin with, and you may feel stuck with a less-than-satisfactory design just because upgrading your watch seems like an unreasonably pricey endeavor. Whether you bought a Rolex or inherited one from a friend or family member, you can only make it better by taking a custom approach to a redesign with WatchStyler.

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