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Rolex Dials and Rolex Diamond Bezel Wholesale



Whether we sell our products wholesale is the most popular question we get. We do. As a matter of fact, supplying jewelry stores with custom Rolex diamond dials bezels is the largest portion of our business. We work with many jewelry retailers nationwide and overseas.
Customers love an opportunity to create a custom look for Rolex watches and we offer an opportunity for any jewelry store to offer their customers an option to change the color of their watch dial or add diamonds to virtually any Rolex timepiece.
Rolex Parts Wholesale
In order for us to provide our wholesale customers with the best prices we offer substantial discounts for all of our products. However, these discounts are based on the proved volume.  To put it in simple words: more you buy – less you pay per item. Please understand, owning a jewelry store does not guarantee you a discount by default.
First time buyers have to provide an upfront payment via credit or debit card. The following payments could be done by check or wire transfer. For our long-term customers we offer an opportunity to receive the products within 48 hour period and without upfront payment.
We are not a price leader in after-market Rolex additions, but we are certainly the quality leader in this industry. We sell only genuine diamonds, and use only authentic dials for refinishing – no exceptions. All the products are being shipped via UPS Air and on the following day after you place your order.
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