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Let's start with obvious. Never try to replace your Rolex dial with a cheap aftermarket substitute. Aftermarket Rolex dials never work right on the watches. Don't forget - a mechanical watch is a very complicated mechanism, a slight imperfection may cause your watch to lose time or completely stop.


I know, many people today say that today's replica manufacturers are very precise in their work, but the truth is that it is impossible to replicate a true Rolex watch or part. In years of working with Rolex watches, I have not seen a Rolex replica that would leave me puzzled about its origination. The main goal of Rolex imitators is to create a product that is much cheaper than authentic Rolex. As a result they "cut corners"; subsequently making timepieces or parts that only remotely remind Rolex.

At W-Precision we use only original Rolex dials for refinishing and only the highest quality materials. We do not attempt to save money and generate high profits; we want to sell products that we are proud of and the ones that leave our customers completely satisfied.

Here we will explain to you how we refinish Rolex dials. Please, do not try this at home. We will only show the general principles and omit our trade secrets (and we do have many of them). We just want to explain to our potential customers what is done at our shop and answer some questions.


  • We remove from the old Rolex dial all hour markers,

  • Drill holes for the new settings,

  • Polish the surface off to give it a mirror-like appearance,

  • We paint the surface in the desired color,

  • Print Rolex calligraphy on the dial exterior and set diamonds in gold on our markers.