Have a Rolex Day-Date President, but the band is too short? Not a problem. We offer for sale this high quality aftermarket solid 18k yellow gold president bracelet replacement link.


It looks and feels just like a genuine Rolex link, but it not manufactured by Rolex. It will be a perfect fit to your original Rolex bracelet and you won't be able to tell a difference.


This link is casted out of solid gold and not hollow from inside. This means that it will not crack or wear out with a time, just like a genuine Rolex. It is fitted with a crew and all you need to install it is a screwdriver.

Attention: This is a link for a NEW style Rolex President for the model 118xxx. 


Visually, the links look almost the same. However, there are some differences:

  1. NEW Style Presidential links are HIGH GLOSS polished on the side, when the OLS Style links are matte-polished;
  2. The new links have skinnier screw and the oppening is smaller than on the OLS-style links;
  3. NEW Style links are heavier and a bit larger, than the Old ones.

Solid 18k Yellow Gold President New Style Bracelet Link for Rolex Day-Date 36

SKU: M-link-YG(new)
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