Brand new generic Rolex GMT Master II root beer colored bezel insert for 18k/SS model.


Just like authentic GMT Master II bezel insert, this item is manufactured from aluminum. It has yellow numbering on black background and suitable for any two-toned Rolex GMT Master II. Unlike cheap insert sold on eBay, this part is not plastic and does not look fake on your watch - it looks and feels just like authentic Rolex GMT Master bezel insert.

Bezel insert is the most fragile part on GMT models. Since aluminum is a very soft metal, it is getting scratched very easily. What could be a solution to this problem? You could purchase a bezel insert with installation directly at Rolex authorized dealer (and wait months to get your watch back, even though replacing bezel insert is the simplest procedure). Or you can purchase this item for just a fraction of what authentic part would cost and have it installed with any qualified watch repairman in your neighborhood.


See our instructions on how to replace your bezel insert here.

Replacement Root Beer Bezel Insert for Rolex GMT Master II 2T Watches

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