Brand new 18k white gold replacement men's president style bracelet with 12 natural diamonds set in each center link (4.0ct total diamond weight).


This bracelet is made of 18k solid white gold: it is not plated or capped in gold – it is all around 18k white gold (which is extremely rare on the market today, due to the high price of gold). It has the exact same measurements as your old Rolex band and removable screws are interchangeable with original president bracelets, which means that you can easily replace the clasp from your worn out original bracelet and make this beautifully-crafted band look just like original Rolex.


Remember – watch bracelet is the biggest part of a watch. If you have a worn-out bracelet – the entire watch looks old. Rolex day-Date President is a very expensive watch; don’t let it sit in your safe, wear it with a pride and don’t let a bracelet to spoil your satisfaction with your timepiece.


  • Measures 6 3/4" Long With Clasp Closed
  • weights 89.4g
  • fits Rolex watches with 20mm lug size (all Rolex Datejust and Day-Date, but not Date)
  • not manufactured by Rolex and has no Rolex symbols


Attention: The newest Rolex President bracelets are different from "Classic President" design manufactured prior to 2009. Please contact us first, if your Rolex watch was manufactured after 2009

Italian-made 18k White Gold Replacement Men’s President Diamond Band

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