What if you want to upgrade your Rolex with a scratch resistant sapphire crystal? With a time, acrylic (plastic) Rolex crystals are getting dull and scratched no matter how gentile you are to you watch. If small scratches can be easily removed with a special polishing compound than deeper cuts are virtually impossible to eliminate.


There can be two solutions to this problem: purchase a new plastic crystal or upgrade your watch to a more durable sapphire crystal. Rolex introduced their scratch-resistant sapphire crystal in the early 80-s and by 1987 completely eliminate acrylic crystals from their production. The new models got slightly modified movements (for instance Rolex Datejust 3035 movement was replaced with similar 3135); but the biggest visual change was in the bezel design. In order to improve visual look and add waterproofness the new gold and stainless steel bezels became higher.


Changing an acrylic crystal with a sapphire one is possible, but your old bezel will not be able to support the height of crystal gasket. It will make your watch absolutely no water-resistant and eventually your new crystal will come off exposing your dial and watch hands. An aftermarket fluted bezel is a very good solution to all of these problems. It is 2.3mm high – just enough to cover the gasket and secure your crystal); 34.2mm wide – just as an original Rolex fluted bezel; and made of solid 18k yellow gold.


This bezel looks and feels like a genuine Rolex, the only difference is the absence of Rolex crowns on the back. With a new sapphire crystal it will be a perfect upgrade for your vintage Rolex 1601, 16013, 16014, 16030, or any modifications of these models.

Aftermarket Solid 18k Yellow Gold Fluted Bezel for Mens Rolex

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