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about us

Instead of presenting you with a typical "about us" article I’m going to tell you a brief, but educational story.

A few weeks ago, my wife broke the screen on her smartphone. Although it was only a small crack, it still managed to get in the way of the camera, so we decided to fix it. We previously purchased insurance on this phone, but the deductible was $150 with an additional activation fee of $35. To cut down on costs, I decided to fix it myself. I thought, “I repair luxury watches for a living, this shouldn’t be too difficult.”

I purchased a repair kit on Amazon ($11) and watched multiple videos to prepare myself for this task. The process did not seem too complicated—heat the screen, remove it, and replace it. A few days later, the kit arrived on my doorstep and I was excited to finally be able to fix the phone—or so I thought.

After hours of wrestling with the phone I realized that this process was definitely not as easy as I had once thought. Not willing to admit my own incompetence in phone repairs, I continued strugglin.

About halfway through and looking at what I had done, I decided it would probably be wiser to seek professional help. A local repair shop gave me a $210 estimate and an online company asked for $75 for the same procedure. I liked the $75 price point, but did not like the idea of shipping it to another state and waiting for it to arrive several days later, so I decided to continue working on the phone.

Another hour went by and in front of me was… a completely broken phone. I somehow managed to destroy the entire phone during the screen removal process. The insurance company refused to issue a replacement, the local repair shop gave me a $375 estimate to fix my mess, and the online company refused to help us entirely. All of this could have been avoided if I had just agreed on the $75 charge and waited a few days.

The morale of this story is to learn from my mistakes or else you may risk destroying your watch and spending more money than was needed in the first place. Let us fix your Rolex—professional service and quality guaranteed.

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