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Services provided by WatchStyler are subject to the following terms. If you make a purchase at WatchStyler - you agree with the following conditions.

Please read them carefully.
We employ one simple Return Policy:
If You Don't Like It - Simply Send It Back for a Full Refund*
We will even provide you with a return shipping label**. However, the purchased product must be returned within 14 days - after 14 days period all says are final and no longer a subject of return or exchange.

sample-dial.gif Custom Rolex Dials:
  • You understand that you are purchasing an Original Rolex dial. Our dials are manufactured by Rolex Company, but (in most cases, unless stated otherwise) they have been repainted and set with aftermarket diamond settings (AKA Restored, Refinished, Custom).
  • Since each dial is made for a specific customer, they are a subject of 20% restocking fee, if returned for refund. This rule applies only to dials; there is no restocking fee for any other products
  • We guarantee that our dial will fit your watch. However, it is your responsibility to make sure that your watch model is listed in the table provided for your reference.
  • We will gladly accept ANY returns for any items (custom orders are non-refundable). However, since each dial is crafted specifically for your order to meet your specifications. We ask you to use curtesy while ordering custom items from us. Please, don't purchase a custom Rolex dial simply because you want to take a look at it and return it later.
  • WatchStyler is not responsible for misuse of its products, such as damage done during installation, aging due to normal wear, or water damage. However, if such damage was done to our product we offer a restoration service at flat fee of $100 plus shipping charges.
  • If you purchase any unauthorized Rolex additions (such as Refinished diamond dial, aftermarket diamond bezel, or aftermarket bracelet), authorized Rolex dealer will not fit it for you. It does not mean that there is something wrong with our product; it means that you have to use a watchmaker who is not affiliated with Rolex USA or its subsidiaries.
  • Be extremely careful with refinished Rolex dial. Your fingers contain oil which will result in fingerprints being left on the dial’s paint. In most cases the only way to make your dial look as beautiful as it was when you received it – is to refinish it one more time. Please allow a professional to handle your dial.
  • If there was damage done to the dial, do not try to "fix" it yourself. Contact Us and let us handle it for you.

Diamond Bezels for Rolex Watches:

  • You understand that you are purchasing a custom-made diamond bezel. This item was not manufactured by Rolex, but rather was crafted "for Rolex".
  • Custom diamond bezels considered "unauthorized Rolex modification" and cannot be fitted by Rolex affiliated company. But can be easily installed by any independent watch specialist.
  • Returns on diamond bezels are NOT subject of restocking fees – as long as they shipped to us in original condition: not filed or attempted to be installed. 

All Watches:

  • Every watch sold on this website is authentic, we DO NOT sell replicas;
  • WatchStyler is not an authorized dealer of any watch brand hat we sell. Because we are not authorized dealers, we can avoid manufacturer's pricing controls and forward greater discounts to our customers, but each timepiece is covered by our own warranty
  • If you wish to return a watch purchased from WatchStyler; please contact us for RMA number and we will gladly accept your return.
  • Each watch should be returned in original condition, with all initially included accessories
  • There are no restocking fees on returned items,
  • shipping charges are not refundable*

Shipping Charges are non-refundable. All refused shipments are subject of double shipping fee. Since our website offers free shipping on all products in case of return we will deduct actual shipping rate (a receipt for shipping rate is available upon request). How does it work? For instance you purchased Rolex Datejust dial and paid $250 for it with free shipping. In case if you decided to return this item, your refund amount will be $228.00 (domestic shipping rate is $22.00 for UPS delivery and $3 for USPS delivery).

** - Return Label is a subject of $8 fee

*** - All items must be returned in the same condition, altered or damaged products will not be accepted for refund or exchange. Please be careful with custom parts. Do not attempt installing them yourself - you might damage the product.

**** - RMA number must be obtained within 14 day period



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