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Rolex Dial Exchange Program

We will buy your authentic Rolex dial whether you buy a dial from us or not!

At WatchStyler our goal is to provide our customers with the best available product at the most reasonable price. Unlike our competition, we do not “cut corners” during dial refinishing process, by providing you with a cheap Rolex dial imitation. We use ONLY AUTHENTIC Rolex dials.

With hundreds of dials being refinished on a monthly bases it ultimately means that we are in a constant search for authentic Rolex dials. However, most of the dials that we buy have been scratched by watchmakers, or had water damage, or have been damaged by the sun. It does not affect a quality of our finished product, but does affect how much we are ready to pay for the dials.

Please use this table to determine you authentic dial trade-in cost:

Rolex Datejust (full-size model) $20.00
Rolex Datejust (ladies' models) $35.00
Rolex Submariner (all models) $60.00
Rolex GMT-Master (all models) $75.00
Rolex Day-Date President $80.00
Rolex Mid-Size $40.00
Rolex Date (mens models) $40.00

How it works?

  1. Print THIS FORM and fill out all the required information,
  2. Pack your dial securely, try to avoid any potential damage to the dial. We do not mind to receive your dial scratched, but not bended or with broken feet (it will make it useless, even for refinishing).
  3. Send it to us via USPS, but make sure you use some kind of confirmation service. USPS First Class with tracking number cost about $1.70.
  4. Upon receiving your dial we will ether issue you a refund on your initial transaction or send you a check.



Please, send us your Rolex dial only if it is authentic, and only if you agree with our exchange cost. Sometimes your Rolex dial can be worth more than what we can offer to you. Additionally it is always a good idea to keep all the original parts for your Rolex in case if you ever decide to sell it.

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