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How To Reinstall Rolex Bezel Insert

A Rolex bezel is a removable, decorative watch part that helps measure time intervals. Over time, bezels can become worn or damaged. Instead of purchasing a new Rolex, which we all know isn't cheap, simply browse WatchStyler's selection of high-quality custom bezels to update your timepiece. Our bezels come in a variety of styles, including 18k gold, diamond and ruby. If your watch is no longer under warranty, you can save time and money by having it fixed by a skilled professional at WatchStyler.

The below tutorial is applicable to Rolex Submariner and GMT Master watches manufactured in the 80s, 90s and early 2000s. Since the most recent watch models have ceramic bezels, they use completely different technology. Although vintage Submariner and GMT Master watches use a similar rotating bezel technology as the models made in the late 20th century, they do not have a bezel click spring, and therefore are installed differently. Check out some helpful steps that will allow you to successfully add a custom Rolex bezel to your timepiece.

This page is for informational purposes only. Bezel inserts are very delicate, so do not attempt to install watch parts yourself if you don't have experience fixing timepieces. Due to the nature of Rolex watches, we at WatchStyler suggest taking your watch to a trained professional.

Step One:
Remove the bracelet from your Rolex before starting any project. It is easier to work on the watch when the bulky bracelet is out of the way, giving you more access to the watch case.


Step Two:
To avoid creating any scratches on your watch, cover the watch with a cloth or masking tape. Be sure to leave enough space between the bezel and watch case so that you can insert a knife during step three of the process.



Step Three:
Carefully use a small and dull knife to remove the Rolex bezel. Make sure that the knife has enough grip underneath the bezel. Use the watch lugs for knife support, but ensure that they are fully covered with a cloth or masking tape to avoid scratching.
Step Four:
When the bezel is off, push the insert from the inside to remove the bezel insert. Make sure you take the bezel click spring off and store it safely, since it is very small and very easy to lose. After this task is performed, clean the bezel washer because it can accumulate a lot of dirt over the years.
Step Five:
Take your new bezel insert and push it into the bezel. The insert should go right in without much effort. Bezel inserts are made out of delicate alloys and can be easily damaged, so you shouldn't apply pressure. If this part is not installed correctly, it can fall out of your watch. Therefore, make sure the bezel insert is fully in place and not sticking out.

Step Six:
Reinstall the click spring and bezel washer. Start from the front of the spring side and push the Submariner bezel into place. Make sure that this part falls into the threads by gently pushing it into place. You should hear a gentle click when it is set. Be careful not to force the part in so you don't damage it. When you are done, you should be able to rotate the bezel.

To find out more about WatchStyler's Rolex overhaul services, contact us today through our online form or at 323-874-1023!


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