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Repacing Watch Crystal on Your Rolex


Watch crystals are by far the most vulnerable part on any Rolex watch. They get scratched, shattered (if they are sapphire), or overused to the point that it gets very hard to see through them. A luxury watch that has an old and unattractive crystal makes your whole watch look old and cheap.
Sure, "100% authentic Rolex" fans will go to an authorized Rolex dealer to have their crystal replaced. If I weren’t in this business, I would do the same. However, is it so easy to take your watch to an authorized Rolex dealer to have your crystal replaced?
One of my customers told me that his local AD stated that Rolex would only change the crystal with a service ($800 plus the cost of the authentic sapphire crystal – another $150). My customer was outraged, he simply wanted a new crystal, and Rolex wanted him to purchase a "package" of services that he did not even want.
It is actually very simple. Rolex is in the business of selling watches, not really fixing them. By asking you to pay astronomical prices for something as simple as sapphire crystal replacement, they give you a hint that you should simply purchase a brand new watch.
There are many manufacturers in the world that make generic replacement crystals for any watch, and to purchase a replacement for your Rolex crystal is not that complicated.
But it gets even more frustrating when you want to convert your pre-sapphire crystal watch with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Rolex simply won't do it. But we, or any qualified watchmaker with a bezel press, will. We do recommend replacing the bezel as well because your old bezel will not hold your new sapphire crystal. In this case, even with a new 18k gold bezel, you will still end up paying much less than what Rolex would have charged you.
Remember: Your Rolex belongs to you and to nobody else. You are free to do with it as you please.




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