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Leather Bands for Rolex Watches


Let's admit that wearing metal bracelets with Rolex watches is just simply not for everybody. Sure a luxury watch looks better with a heavy metal bracelet, but what if you are not looking for "heavy"? Or what if your authentic Rolex metal bracelet is worn out and you do not want to replace it with an aftermarket one? Or what if you simply tired of the same watch with the same bracelet and the same band? In this case consider a leather strap for your Rolex.
Leather strap makes any Rolex watch look more classic and cleaner. It does not distract the attention from the watch itself, but it does not mean you should simply purchase the cheapest one of the appropriate size and wear it with your quite expensive watch. A right leather band makes a huge difference in how you and other see your watch and in the way it feels to own a classic Rolex.
What do you need to know before buying a leather band?

  1. Just as with purchasing any part or accessory for your watch you need to know its model number. Knowing your Rolex model number will help you to determine the suitable size of your replacement leather band. Most men’s Rolex models share the same band size – 20mm; however there are some exceptions – Rolex Date, Air-King (and the rest of the Rolex models without a date function). All the ladies models without any exceptions are sharing the same 13mm lug size. All mid-size models are accepting 17mm leather bands.
  2. The second step is to select the desired color of your leather band. Black or brown leather straps are the most popular substitutes for the classic metal bracelets. Since the majority of Rolex watches came with gold-colored dials, brown or tan exotic leathers look the best with champagne dials. While silver (second most popular Rolex dials) watch faces look the best with black leathers.
  3. The third step is to select the quality and material of your leather strap. Genuine alligator and crocodile leathers are the most attractive and the most durable. Yet, calfskin is much less expensive, but not as luxurious as exotic skin.

There is a huge variety of leather straps on the market today. The price range varies from ten dollars to several hundred. What is the real difference – it is the quality. The cheapest leather bands are not made from an actual leather, in fact they have very little to do with animal skin. So-called "handmade leather" is a combination of polymers which are actually plastic. They don’t last for a very long time. Don’t forget – a watch strap does handle a lot of abuse. And if it is not durable enough, you might lose your watch all at ones. Plus it simply does not look good with a luxury watch.
At we have carefully selected our leather band manufacturer, Hadley-Roma Industries. Today Hadley-Roma is an undisputed industry leader in new designs, new materials and innovative new products. Their leather straps are very durable, luxurious, and handmade right here in the United States.


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