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shop links for Rolex watches


    Looking for an extra link compatible with your Rolex? We can help.

    The most important thing that you have to understand is that there are 3 types of links currently on the market today: authentic (aka “factory”), cheap aftermarket, and top shelf aftermarket links made in Italy (what we sell).


    Not that long ago it was impossible to source any authentic Rolex link for any Rolex model. In order to source authentic links, jewelers all over the wold were doing sketchy things - removing them off unsold watches, sizing sold watches and keeping customer’s links, actively purchasing used links. Currently, authentic links have became available directly from Rolex, but it is not easy to get them (even for an authorized dealer) and they come with a heavy price tag. Honestly, if we are talking about brand new Rolex, I would suggest sourcing an authentic link. But spending 1/3 of the whole watch value on just one link for a 10-20 year old watch, is unreasonable.


    The only other option has always been installing cheap aftermarket links. The old saying, “you get what you paid for”, is especially true here. These links simply never look right on luxury Rolex watches. There is a reason why they cost just a few bucks - their screws don’t align, and they don’t even look the same. The metal the links are made from is not the same, making them stand out on your wrist. Sometimes even the size is incorrect (making them useless).


    A few years ago we met with an Italian watch manufacturer capable of manufacturing high quality watch bracelets and links. We see their products as a solution to a decades-long problem. The quality is much better than what you can find anywhere online. We can still see the differences with an authentic Rolex links, but these differences are not as obvious. They fit right, they look authentic, the screws are almost indistinguishable. Every single link and bracelet that we sell is made by this company. These links cost more than what you typically find on eBay, but they definitely worth it.

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