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The Difference between Rolex Quick-Set Dials


Over the years of working with Rolex watches we have noticed some difference in quick-set dials. Indeed, if you leave aside dial designs and various engravings on the back, they look identical. However, there are several quick-set movements and there is a slight difference between these dials.

The first generation of quick-set movements (3035 for Date, Datejust, and Submariner watches; 3055 for Day-Date watches) was using longer dial feet.

With an introduction of second generation of quick-set movements (3135 and 3155) the dial feet became slightly shorter. The difference is very minimal, but can potentially cause a watchmaker to get confused. It shouldn’t be an issue for somebody who spent many years working with Rolex watches, but not everybody has experience with this sort of things.

As it turned out, this is not really an issue. How do you make a dial from 3035 movement fit on 3135? You file the feet. How do you make a dial from 3135 to work with 3035 movement? You tighten the screws that hold the dial feet in place. It is not complicated and any watchmaker can do it without any complication. It is normal and in most cases a good watchmaker would not even bring it to your attention.

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