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About Rolex Datejust 36mm Dials


In the watch industry Rolex Datejust is an iconic timepiece. It isn't just the most reliable Rolex on the market today, it is also the watch that did not go through major changes for the last 65 years.


First introduced in 1945 it was the first watch with a date function. Since then Rolex Datejust has changed its movements, acrylic crystals were replaced with mineral ones. But, remarkably, the general Datejust shape has remained unchanged. When it comes to Datejust dials there are basically only two kinds of dials: quick-set and non-quick.

The only model that uses non-quick dials is vintage Rolex 1601, the parts for this model are not as common and, therefor, they cost more. All other Rolex Datejust watches (except for the newest models) are using exactly the same dials, and we have no problem finding these dials for our refinishing projects.

Even though we do not sell Non-Quick dials on this website, we do refinish them; however, you have to either send your dial in for refinishing, or we can find one for you at extra cost.

In 2018 Rolex stated using its new 3235 movement. This new movement is using new style dials. We can obtain these dials as well, but they are not as wildly available at this point.

Rolex Datejust 36mm Models

Dear Customers, please find your Rolex Datejust model number prior to ordering a custom Rolex dial from us. Please understand that you are ordering a part and just as any mechanism, a Rolex watch requires a specific part for a specific movement. We have provided some guidelines on how to check your Rolex model number; however, we suggest seeking professional help in this matter.

Please, do not purchase a Datejust dial if you have a Date model – Date models are using completely different dials and these dials are not interchangeable with Datejust.

Also, it is not wise to assume that if your watch says "Datejust" our dial will fit your watch. Remember, there is always a possibility for your watch to be vintage model 1601 and the quick-set dial will not fit it in. Also the newest Rolex model are featuring an updated 3235 movement, which is using an entirely different dial. Or your watch can be counterfeit – in this case our dial will be absolutely useless to you.

It is always a good idea to find a watchmaker prior to ordering a dial from us. A specialist will be able to let your know your Rolex model number and what dial you will need.


Rolex 3035 movement

Rolex 3035 Movement

Rolex 3135 movement
Rolex 3235 movement

Rolex 3135 Movement

Rolex 3235 Movement

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