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Custom Rolex Day-Date President Silver Diamond Dial (YG)

Product Description

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Product Description

How we do it: 

This dial, as well as any other CUSTOM dial on our site, went through the same restoration and customization process:

  • We started with a 100% authentic Rolex Day-Date dial, removed from another Rolex watch (the same model as you have in your timepiece right now). Some of the dials we work on are scratched; some have oxidation or discoloration of some kind. But the dials are always fully functional and we always make sure they are fully authentic.
  • All the original dial finish is being removed to the bare metal. For this process we use a special acidic fluid, which does not affect the metal, but gently removes everything else.
  • We drill holes to accommodate new hour markers. For instance this particular dial is refinished with 8 round-cut and 2 baguette-cut genuine diamonds; hence we will drill 10 tiny holes for each diamond marker (this process does not jeopardize the dial integrity, since it is purely cosmetic).
  • Then we apply our own silver finish. Our finish is not any different than what comes on any other modern watch; it is just done on top of the authentic Rolex dial.
  • After the new finish is applied, we reinstall the original Rolex crown at 12 o'clock, and mount genuine diamonds.

Why what we do is better that any product that comes from our so-called competition? As you are reading this you are wondering if this watch dial will work on your Rolex, if it will fit right, or if it will affect the way your watch’s movement functions. It will function just as your old dial – it is the same dial, we just made it look different.

 Legal Disclaimer:
WatchStyler(c) is an independent company not affiliated with any watch manufacturer or distributor. Rolex, President, and Oyster are registered trademarks of Rolex Watch U.S.A. and Rolex International. Products sold on are considered an application of custom accessories and create a new product; which by no means can be considered an AUTHENTIC ROLEX WATCH. This process will also void the watch manufacturer's original warranty and would prevent Rolex factory service. Rolex prohibits their authorized dealers from selling online and discounting from Rolex mandated retail prices.

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